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Design inspirations: Creative ways to use Natural Paving

Design inspirations: Creative ways to use Natural Paving
The ethos behind Natural Paving.

Our aim at Natural Paving is to showcase Australia’s iconic landscape in a practical and functional way. Enhance the experience of enjoying your well-crafted landscape by installing Natural Paving within parklands, commercial properties or your own backyard. Our permeable pavers will take your garden to the next level, but not just because of the stunning looks. Natural Paving also offers a range of practical benefits that will enrich your gardens, making it a top pick for Aussie homeowners redeveloping their outdoor areas.

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Design and application of Natural Paving 

No matter the scale of your property improvement, the versatility of Natural Paving gives you options for a number of great landscape designs. You can simply upgrade pathways around your home or throughout the garden. Or create a stable outdoor patio area for entertaining. Perhaps you’re looking to reshape your driveway or just get rid of that ugly concrete or asphalt. Or do you want to stabilise grassed areas and banks just to maintain a healthy-looking garden?

Whatever you’re looking to do, here are some great tips and key benefits for each application.

1. Create pebbled pathways at home

Heavy rain can often scour away unprotected pathways, but not everyone wants a concrete pathway meandering through their bushwalk or home garden. Natural Paving allows you to keep that organic feel of natural stone or grass while retaining all the benefits of a hard surface.

  • As Natural Paving is easy to cut, you can create curves and intersections for multiple pathways throughout your garden.
  • Fill them with a coloured stone that fits your garden design, or a lush, grassed finish to make it feel like you’re wandering through the forest.
  • Natural Paving is free draining, so your pathways won’t form puddles when it rains, allowing you to wander whatever the weather.
  • Excess water will also feed naturally back into your garden, keeping roots healthier.
  • Natural Paving stops exposed pathways from eroding.


2. Pebbled Patios at home

Whether it’s a spot for an outdoor dining table or barbie, a dry zone around the spa or swimming pool, or just a spot to lounge in the sun in your own backyard, Natural Paving will keep patios flat, dry and stable so you can use them even when it’s just stopped raining.

  • Excess water drains away, keeping your area nice and dry.
  • Natural Paving gently feeds that excess water into your garden, so less watering and no more scouring.
  • It’s easy to lay and cut to any shape. You could even fill different sections with different materials to create stable ‘zones’ within your patio.
  • Got a slope leading to another area? No problem. Natural Paving will keep pebbles and grass locked in place, even on gentle slopes.
  • Maintenance is a breeze. Just brush any loose stones back in place and use a blower to get rid of any fallen leaves.

Patio- Path Grade Paving

3. Pebbled Driveways and Car Parks

Tough enough to take the weight of cars and light trucks, Natural Paving will spark any old driveway back to life.

  • Use decorative stone for residential or gravel for commercial applications.
  • Create turning circles, loading or parking bays for Utes, caravans or boats.
  • Build around design features such as water fountains or established palm trees. It’ll be like holidaying in the Caribbean all over again.
  • Filter excess water into drainage pipes or back into your garden. As driveways are a large space and collect a lot of rainwater, Natural Paving gives you the option of redirecting that water to where it can be used the best.
  • Seamlessly blend driveways and pathways together by using the same surface material, or use different materials to create definition.


4. Permeable Paving in Grassed Areas

Natural Paving isn’t just designed to be filled with pebbles or gravel. You could use hoggin or crushed shell, but Natural Paving can also be filled with soil to allow grass to grow through. The honeycomb design protects grass roots from being torn out and will stop the surface area from forming ruts and dips under tyres when it’s wet. If there’s a path, driveway or patio area that you just want to keep grassed, an area of lawn that gets used for social gatherings, or a grassed slope that’s often inaccessible during winter because it’s too wet, Natural Paving has you covered.

  • Protect grass roots even when using the area to drive and turn wheels on.
  • Evenly distribute excess rainwater throughout your lawn.
  • Grass grows above the pavers, so it’s still easy to mow.
  • Add Natural Paving to low-lying grassed areas to help it remain dry.
  • Create green spaces and pathways amid existing hard surfaces.


Add functionality and style to your home with Pebble Applications:

When it comes to design options, Natural Paving offers a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates into any landscape:

  • Colour Scheme: With two neutral color options, Natural Paving makes it a breeze to complement your desired surface material. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a rustic, earthy vibe, Natural Paving will blend harmoniously with your landscape design and aesthetic.
  • Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive upkeep. Natural Paving is a low-maintenance choice, requiring only simple tasks like sweeping loose stones back into place and using a blower to clear fallen leaves. Natural Paving efficiently channels excess water into surrounding gardens, reducing erosion and eliminating the need for frequent repairs like filling potholes or resurfacing grass. Natural Paving not only looks good but will save you time and effort in the long run.
  • Materials: Want to evoke the tranquility of a beachfront retreat or the lushness of a native garden? With Natural Paving, the possibilities are endless. You can customize your outdoor space with a variety of surface materials, from decorative stone and pebbles to grass, hoggin, gravel, crushed shells, or even sand. Let your creativity run wild as you tailor your paving to reflect your unique style. Whether you prefer a polished finish or a more organic texture, Natural Paving offers the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

Vehicle Grade Driveway- Natural Paving


Transform Your Landscape with Natural Paving:

At Natural Paving, we believe in the power of nature to elevate your outdoor living experience. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our innovative permeable pavers and unlock a world of design possibilities for your backyard.

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