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The Ultimate Solution for Ruts and Puddles Under Grass

The Ultimate Solution for Ruts and Puddles Under Grass

A good backyard is something kiwi’s have always grown up with. Whether it’s providing our kids with enough room to play, an area of rambling garden to grow plants and flowers in all-year round, or just a private space to relax in, the grassed areas around our homes are both precious and personal. But with high density housing, green spaces are becoming rarer, so we need to think smarter about how we develop and integrate them into our homes. 

Backyard- Grass Grade

Grass Grade Permeable Pavers

Traditionally, maintaining a grassed area could be a nightmare, especially in winter, when heavy rainfall turns grass to mud. We open our curtains and blinds in the morning and know there’s a lot of work ahead to get our precious yards back to where we want them to be. Part of the problem is often poorly drained soil. Excess water bogs down, puddles form, and we create ruts in the lawn whenever we step onto it after heavy rain. It becomes unstable, and over time, our fresh, even lawn looks like the cows broke free and had an all-night disco the moment they came home. To counter this, Natural Paving’s Grass Grade permeable pavers can not only stabilise your lawn but will give you greater access all-year round. 

Taking the plunge to upgrade your lawn can be a daunting task, but with simple solutions, you can create new features that will, in the long run, not only save you time and money but will add value to your property and enjoyment to your home. Because Grass Grade is a permeable paving solution, it promotes healthier grass growth by keeping the soil well drained, allowing excess water to flow into the stormwater system. The geogrid design, installed correctly by using SureTex geotextile between the subbase layer and base course stone, will prevent lawns from rutting, keeping your lawns even. And because it drains well, you can easily mow the lawn, even in winter, when over saturation meant you and the mower normally left rutted footmarks and tracks. By using Grass Grade permeable pavers, you’ll keep your lawns looking clean and fresh. 

Upgrade your backyard

Another aspect to consider when upgrading your lawn is how to create more defined, landscaped areas. Because Grass Grade pavers are easily cut to shape, you can form pathways through and around your garden or create firm, grassed seating areas to relax in the sun and read a book. You could even lay down a proper backyard cricket pitch, for when the competition really heats up! Sloped areas could also be leveled to create more usable ground, but with Grass Grade pavers’ geogrid design, sloped banks can also be stabilised, keeping the grass locked in place and well-drained. This is especially handy around fruit trees, as the permeability actively promotes growth by managing the water flow into the surrounding soil. 

So don’t be held back when imagining what your back yard could be. Be inspired. Create your own space. And when the disco starts, there’s now no need to kick off your high heels… just make sure the cows stay on their own side of the field. 

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