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Nature locked in

Natural Paving – discover elegance redefined with our premium permeable paving

Crafted for practicality and beauty, Natural Paving elevates outdoor landscapes with natural pebble. The distinct honeycomb pattern of each paver secures pebbles while minimising water pooling and runoff.

Path and patio applications

Natural Paving is tailored for patios, pathways, gardens, parks, and cycleways, allowing effortless creation of lasting pebble landscapes suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and golf carts.

Vehicle applications

Natural Paving is perfectly suited for pebble driveways, car parks, and turning areas accommodating cars, 4WDs, and intermittent heavy vehicles. Our pavers guarantee the retention of infill stones, preserving your turning area’s immaculate condition by preventing unsightly tire marks.

Paving Calculator

Mapping out a paving project can pose challenges, especially when estimating the required material for your space. That’s where Natural Paving’s Paving Calculator steps in, streamlining the entire process for your convenience.

Why choose Natural Paving

Natural Beauty

Infuse your home with the essence of the outdoors.


The pebbles and pavers naturally allow water to flow through, averting the formation of puddles.

Easy Upkeep

Pavers simply need intermittent raking or sweeping to clear away leaves and debris.

Cost Effective

Typically less expensive than other paving or hard surface options.

Do It Yourself

The honeycomb pavers are straightforward and easy to install.


The pebbles’ stability is upheld by firmly securing them in position.