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We are Natural Paving.

Natural Paving takes its inspiration from the desire to craft a breathtaking, natural ambiance in your residential surroundings. Just like you, we share a passion for cultivating beautiful, natural landscapes around our homes. Our offerings exude the allure of Australia’s natural permeable surfaces, all the while ensuring a secure and steadfast environment.

Natural Paving brings the essence of nature into your home. ​

At the core of our operations lies a commitment to sustainability.

  • Natural Paving stands as an environmentally conscious alternative to rigid pavements. It matches the stability of concrete, pavers, or asphalt while exhibiting flexibility against tree roots or ground movement—factors that commonly cause damage and cracks in conventional hard surfaces.
  • With permeability as a key feature, Natural Paving allows excess water to seep into the ground, providing additional moisture to the root systems of nearby lawns and gardens.
  • It presents a cost-effective and easy to install solution—a user-friendly DIY system that can be installed by moderately skilled individuals, imparting a touch of sophistication to your home and helping save on the bills.
  • Designed and developed in New Zealand, Natural Paving provides local employment and reduces shipping costs from further afield countries.

Benefits of Natural Paving.

Flat, Firm, Safe

Natural Paving surfaces are level, stable, and secure, functioning as solid pavements.

No sinking

High heels, walking sticks, and narrow wheels do not sink in the pebbles or gravel

Geotextile backing

Pavers have a weed stopping geotextile attached to the base.


Permeable pavers prevent the formation of puddles and ruts by allowing water to pass through.


The pavement surface maintains stability, even on moderately steep slopes.

Eco Friendly

The pavers are made from sustainable materials in house.


Natural Paving products are available through Bunnings nationwide.